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what is the
light stabilizing technologytm

LSTTM works like a color equalizer, enhancing the perception of pure primary colors.
This results in an improved color perception and high contrast vision.

Perfect for sports that takes you in and out of shaded areas.

• less eye stress and better vision for your sport
• constant, high contrast vision
• improved natural color perception
• enhancement of details and contours
• equal light harmonization
• reducing light to a comfortable level


how it works

LSTTM stands for optimized light transmission and built-in color equalizer. No matter which light condition, the LSTTM technology developed by adidas sport eyewear provides a constant view with contrast enhancement, maximum peripheral view and natural colors.

This special lens technology intensifies contrasts and simultaneously harmonizes light fluctuations caused by the interplay of light and shadow. Eye fatigue is prevented and improves the power of concentration ensuring top sporting performance.

vision advantageTM pc lens

The Vision AdvantageTM PC basic lens from adidas Sport eyewear satisfy optical quality class1 and ensure 100% UVA, -B nd -C protection.

hydrophobic coating


Contrast Booster

Light is engineered to enhance contrasts

Impact Protector

Withstands impact forces with scratch resistant polycarbonate lens

Color Balancer

Bluelight is controlled to give harmonized color vision

UV400 Filter

Filtration of harmful bluelight and protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation


(LSTTM Pol version)

Eliminates uncomfortable reflected light and intensifies colors

Light Stabilizer

Stabilized light conditions between bright and shadow for contrast vision

RX Freeform

(Prescription version)

Precise prescription correction across the entire lens


Our LSTTM lenses boost contrast and enhance the natural color perception, are excellent all-purpose contrast-enhancing and light harmonizing lenses, reduce the intensity of light to a comfortable level without taking away the beauty of colors.

LSTTM bright blue mirror

Increased visibility in poor light conditions.
Light transmission: 56%
Lens category: 1

LSTTM active

Increases visibility in foggy and cloudy conditions.
Light transmission: 16%
Lens category: 3

LSTTM bright

Increases visibility in low light/cloudy/stormy conditions.
Light transmission: 60%
Lens category: 1

LSTTM contrast

Enhances high-contrast vision especially against green backgrounds.
Light transmission: 14%
Lens category: 1

LSTTM bluelightfilter

Increases visibility in extreme light conditions.
Light transmission: 10%
Lens category: 3

LSTTM polarized

Glare-blocking lens for all purposes.
Light transmission: 12%
Lens category: 3

LSTTM bright vario purple mirror

Increased visibility in poor light conditions.
Light transmission: 13%-62%
Lens category: 1-3

Our new lstTM lenses take visual performance
and comfort to the next level - combining all benefits of
lst / vario / and flash mirror in one lens

LSTTM bright vario purple mirror the best of both worlds.
discover a new level of adaptability and clarity.

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